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! - To Do List

One-Off Tasks (non recurring)
  • Allspace
    • Continue to sort things and put boxes where they belong
  • Cleanspace
    • Establish a donation table - so that donated material can be identified, inventoried and used.
  • Dirtyspace
    • Bunker lights - install 2 up ballasts, mount explosion proof bulbs.  (q-tip lamps)
    • bathroom floor tile prep
    • bolt equipment to metal benches, grinders, belt sanders, mini mill.
    • move outdoor car entrance cams - to west (allowing wider field of view)
    • north door lock changed to key + numeric system

  • Collect bottles, cans and trash
  • Take Out Trash
  • Sweep Cleanspace
  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean out any crap from fridge
  • Collect tools on rolling cart
  • Put tools in toolboxes

  • Blog
    • Add post about classes
  • Wiki
    • Wiki Home needs editing. Add links to high interest/volume sections.