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This is now the July 20th meeting agenda

Adam: You can right click to add comments. see this line.

0- Brief Financial and new members update
  • Money in our bank
  • Money in LLC
  • What we know about new members (those who met them share with those who did not)

1- Things that impede members (Members First!):
  • Laser Agreement (so people can get training)
  • Agree on how classes will be designed (so instructors coming to us can get signed up)
  • Agree on ‘generic-lease’ lease structure so people can leave things here (LLC’s as a guideline?)
  • Space Area-plan
    • Plan locations for shared space
      • Class/Conference Room
      • Purpose of Bunker
    • How much to set aside for space rental?
    • Where to have space rental
    • Who ‘own’ them
    • Bench Rentals
      • Size of table.
      • Plans for Table (Rob and Christian)
  • Space Rentals
    • Paul
    • Joe
    • Jack
  • Memberships
    • David’s Worktrade Membership
    • Riley’s Worktrade Membership
2 - Things that impede business development:
  • Board meetings time
  • Banking - Need to remove LLC from handling membership money
  • Agree on how we’re all paying into it (memberships for board members)
  • Insurance
    • Inventory large $$$ items, estimate rest
    • Get quote for MakeIt
    • Get quote for MakeIt + Laser (if property not owned by makeit can it be insured?)
  • Advertising Plans
    • Flyer final edits
    • Flyers posting plan
    • Postcard distribution plan
    • Referral program
  • Bank Relations
    • Making them aware we exist, and that we want to work with them
  • City Relations
    • Joe goes to the mayor
  • Review what still needs to transfer from LLC (or Joe) to Corp
    • Establish timeline for this to happen
    • Assign roles to make this happen
  • Tool Update (Rob)- Status and Funding, immediate concerns mostly

If we have time (things we’d like to settle ‘eventually’):
  • How to handle future Kikori-like opportunities
  • Other Relations
    • Sponsorships like Craftsman, Dewalt, Etc.
    • Education/Science Grants - Research possibilities of obtaining these?