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Wish List

Here's where you can request all the fun stuff you so desperately desire

Some Guidelines:
Don't just post a name for an item.  Add at least a description, and when possible, a link to the exact thing you want, or a good example of it. Feel free to add discussions about each item below the listing.

Crafting Needs:
  • A drying rack - like, tall wire shelves for letting things dry
  • A place/tools to spray paint (or just paint) shit - ventilators, an open space
  • Big tables for big projects
  • An oven for clay baking and plastic melting (melting plastic in your kitchen makes the whole place stink)
  • Cricut machine and cartridges
  • Knitting machine
  • Super big self-healing cutting mats and cutters
  • Laminating machine - the big-ass Xyron
  • Scanner/copier/laser printer
  • PATTERNS - knitting, crochet, embroidery, sewing, papercraft templates
  • Jewelry-making/beading tools
  • Easels
  • Print-making supplies
  • Screenprinting supplies
  • Laser cutting supplies
Safety supplies:
  • Particulate masks, respirators
  • Emergency numbers / hospital info sign
  • Shower
  • Possible 'real' phone
  • Metric taps and dies
  • Cutting and tapping fluid dispensers
  • Cutting and tapping fluids