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MakeIt COVID project leads and contacts:
  • Bill Schongar - Overall coordination
  • Nat Fairbanks - Materials Logistics (Makerspaces, FB groups, Manufacturers)
  • Dave Shevett - 3D Printing-related (Masks and 3D Faceshield frames)
  • Alexander Bissel - FaceShield and Cloth Mask related, Medical inquiries
  • Adam Shrey - National Group coordination
  • Brad Goodman, Mordecai Veldt - Corporate and Business inbound queries
  • and Uncountable Legions of folks assisting!

MakeIt Member Resources:
  • Almost all coordination is happening on the various #-covid-*** channels on the Makeit Slack. These include:
    • #-covid-face-shields - designs, materials, parts, and assembly of clear protective face shields 
    • #-covid-3D-printing - efforts around 3D-printing parts for masks, faceshields, and Covid-related medical equipment
    • #-covid-cloth-masks - about making cloth masks as primary PPE or as outer layer droplet-cover masks - best materials, shapes, reusability, etc
    • #-covid-ppe-sterilization - Sterilizing protective equipment by various techniques, various materials, and test results of various methods.
    • #-covid-intubation-enclosure - Designs, evaluation, and fabrication of a re-usable enclosure to protect medical personnel during patient intubation/extubation process.
    • #-covid-19-discussion -  Well-sourced news articles, ask questions, discuss local conditions (shopping observations, etc)
    • #-covid-19-priority - high-priority messages and central coordination of Covid activities.

  • MakeIt Labs is focusing on creating and coordinating solutions in response to the Covid crisis. 
  • We aren't putting a lot of energy into outwardly-visible updates or self-promotion, however we are definitely very active at local and national levels in connecting the people with needs to the people, companies, and agencies with resources, knowledge, and capacity to help..  
    • Please communicate with us via the MakeIt Labs FaceBook page and we'll get the info where it needs to go.
    • You can also send an email here - please be patient for responses, there's a lot going on.
    • Ping us on Facebook if you have a 3D Printer and can help (or fill out the 3D Printer form below)

External contacts

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