Please pick up your PET rolls at our side garage door.  Knock on the door, and we will bring the sheets to you.  

If you do not get a response, please go around to the front door and ring the bell.  We are limiting the number of people on site, and someone may not always be in the garage.

We will mostly have rolls of PET in 50' lengths 26" wide.  This should enable you to cut 100 to 120 face shields and determine how to deal with feeding your cutting method however is best.  A 50' roll of our PET sheet is not heavy, it's about 10 pounds so no special vehicles are required.  An earlier version of this page had an order of magnitude error in the number of shields per roll.

We also will have some PET cut into ~27" x 46" sheets that will produce 10 shields per sheet in a laser cutter that can handle 4' wide material.

Right now our supply of pre cut face shields (for the Delve design) is limited, we are focusing on getting PET to those who can cut it.

We will post our DXF for the 27"x46" sheets on this wiki page shortly.

Our address is
MakeIt Labs
25 Crown St
Nashua NH 03060

We are not far off Rt 111 near the Taylor Falls (downtown) bridge between Nashua and Hudson NH.

Nat Fairbanks,
Mar 25, 2020, 11:24 AM