E. Modifications

The Replicator 2 has many issues that needed resolving so....

1) Teflon feed tube - This low friction tube causes less drag on the filament, done to reduce head jams
2) Enclosure -  Assists chamber temperature control and airflow control resolves many issues 
3) Chamber temperature control - resolves many issues 
4) RFID access - Increasing up time by keeping people accountable
5) Sailfish firmware vs. Makerbot Firmware - This gives the P-stop function, but also adds other options to menus
6) Alum platform - fixes the heat stress warping issues with acrylic plates 
7) Power control - centralized to one power strip to reduce wiring issues
8) Spool holder - for nearly any sized spool
9) BuildTak - resolves nearly all adhesion issues
10) Garolite build platform - makes Nylon possible
11) Metal head carriage - makes Nylon and PETG possible, Helps with "heat soak" long run time print issue
12) Heated build plate - For advanced materials / users