PCB on Roland MDX-15/20

Read this for the fablab CAM method for milling the board
Install these files:
Rev 6 of eagle needs these files:
add this to the end of the eagle.def file in eagle (in x:\Program Files (x86)\EAGLE-7.3\bin)
Cam Output job Roland2sided.cam

run the Fab-lab-ulp-e6.ulp

use 0.63 mm for the tool diameter
the milling layer is where the isolation traces will be placed..
the drilling layers is where the hole drills will be placed
CAM open job Roland2sided.cam
offset 0.1

load the cam job

X, Y offset needs to at least the tool size. Note one the mirrored bottom side, if uses, needs the PCB X width added to the offset.

The output files are text files that look like this:








Check the files. NO NEGATIVE X or Y values EVER!
The drill file can not have any side motion. This will snap the drill instantly.

PU = pen up, PD = pen down, PZ-5,20 = cut .005" inches down, safe retract is 0.02" up.
"touch down", Z zero is set on the front panel of the roland with the up / down buttons.
X, Y units are .0009", e.g. PD1016,1016 puts the mill bit at X 1", Y 1", Z 0
VS = XY speed in MM/S, VZ = Z speed in MM/S

XY velocity depends on the tool size, and the PCB material
Max tool speed is VS2 for a 0.015" tool one 1 oz copper pcb
Max tool speed is VS6 for a 0.025" tool on 1 oz copper pcb

The zero is set by the up / down  pushbuttons on the front panel.
The tool up and down position are set relative to the zero.
The default value often will need changed.
The value  !PZ-5,20 is mill 0.005" into the PCB and use 0.02" above the PCB for travel moves.
It is best not to use more than 0.005" per pass.

where to get tools

Paul Hardin,
Aug 27, 2015, 11:41 AM