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Covid-19 3D Printing

Main document for all Covid-19-projects can be found here. This page was updated 04/01/20 @ 10:00PM EST

Contact if there's something incorrect below you can't fix yourself.

MakeIt Project Lead/Contact(s):Dave Shevett


Important: LowellMakes is not asking for any more 3D-printed Masks, at this time. Please do send in what you have and we'll make sure they get used. We're still asking for 3D-printed Budmen faceshield frames which are being given to local organizations and facilities.

People and Communication
  • Almost all coordination is happening on the various #project-covid-19-3d channel on the Makeit Slack. There are related channels on #project-covid3dtipstricks and #projects-covid-ppe-sterilization.
  • If you do not have access to those, please communicate via the MakeIt Labs FaceBook page and we'll get the info where it needs to go.
  • You can also send an email here - please be patient for responses, there's a lot going on.

Folks Assisting:
Uncountable Legions! You could be one! Ping us on Facebook if you have a 3D Printer and can help (or fill out the 3D Printer form below)

Ongoing Projects - Look here for what you can do! (updated 04/01/20 10:00PM EST)
  • 04/01/20 - 3D-Printed PPE -

    • 3D-Printed Masks efforts have been discontinued by the folks at LowellMakes - the prints are still good, they've just filled the requests. We will still take any that .

    • The 3D-printed Budmen Faceshields have been approved by the NIH and are our 3D-Printing priority at the moment. We'll gladly collect them, get them assembled and get them to local area hospitals and other facilities. If you want to assemble them and donate them to local hospitals, please get in touch with us and we'll try and get you the laser-cut faceshields.

      • Budmen files can be found here, with details about Instructions, Materials, and Files.

      • Materials-wise - If you have a choice, use PETG.  It's more flexible. PLA can also be sterilized, so those are fine, too.

    • If you're interested in/able to assist by printing the 3D parts, please sign up via this form. It will help us keep track of the resources available and if something changes or different needs arise, we'll have an easy way to get in touch with you. 

  • 04/01/20 - 3D-Printed "Wilson" Faceshields
    •  Improved Budmen print - files and details coming soon!

3D Printer Signup form
  •   If you have a printer or printers available and would like to contribute, please click through to the Printer Signup/Registration form and register your printer:
      It will help us keep in touch with you and provide important updates

David Hayden,
Mar 24, 2020, 11:26 AM