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RFID Arduino Stand Alone Access

This is a second generation door controller to replace the current one.

Primary Features of the new controller:
  1. All-in-one embedded solution: no python laptop.
  2. More blinky lights (to help diagnose problems).
  3. Local cache file on uSD chip.
  4. Real time logging
  5. Add accounts by simple card input.
Using Arduino Leo, existing arduino libs.  This is also an inexpensive , modular , embedded solution to be used for other access control projects.

these are parts we used in the equipment access (with some optionals)


80 = 9+14+13+3+2+25+14 + shipping + SD mem card + optionals
clearly this could be cost reduced.

optional or related:
Paul Hardin,
Jul 22, 2014, 10:55 PM