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Clay/Pottery Contact: Adam

To compliment our kilns, we also have a Brent Model B pottery wheel, a wedging table, and an assortment of clays available for our members to use.  If you are new to working with clay (or haven't done it since high school), feel free to grab some of the general use clay and experiment.  If you decide to pursue it further, here's a list of the clay we have on hand and its cost per lb:

 Clay Type
 MC95400GThis very smooth white stoneware contains no fire clay and is dependable in reduction firing. It is well suited for functional stoneware pottery, and had good thermal shock properties. $0.61
 MCT6BThis superb throwing stoneware clay was designed to incorporate all the versatile qualities of our T3 body, and be extremely vitreous at cone 6. Great for dinnerware, its excellent thermal properties make this an ideal choice for functional ware. $0.63
 MC4D3BMA deep, rich, dark red stoneware with plasticity and the right amount of tooth. Can also be used for handbuilding. 4D3BM contains the addition of granular manganese dioxide giving a black speckled effect. $0.58
 MCT3SOur most popular clay body. An excellent blend of coarse, medium, and fine grain clays to produce a superior throwing body. This clay body has a tight feel for wheel work and can also be used for small to medium sized handbuilt projects. $0.64
 MCMRThis earthenware pottery clay is based on our native Sheffield Clay. It is workable, plastic and forgiving making it ideal for students and schools. It has great color and is good for wheel throwing and  handbuilding. $0.56

You can also bring in your own clay, or contact Adam to add your request to the next large order from Sheffield Pottery.