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Basic Safety Training

This training is required in order to use the laser

 A short introduction to using the 80 Watt CNC Laser Cutter available in the lab.
Schedule: Classes will be held as demand dictates
Fee: Free for Pro, $20 for Hobbyist
Contact: Brad Goodman


For You and the Laser

Material Selection
Types and thicknesses of materials that can be cut or engraved
What should never, EVER, be used in the laser
Testing materials

Using LaserCut 5.3
Creating Designs
Importing Designs
Setting Cut/Engrave Parameters
Uploading Jobs to the Laser

Setting up the Laser
Positioning the Work Piece
Setting Focus
Checking Project Dimensions
Verify Chiller, Blower, Exhaust

Cutting / Engraving
Flat Pieces
Using the Rotary Attachment

Cleaning the Lens and Mirrors

Video of Proper handling of a Laser Fire

Introduction to LaserCut

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