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Plasma CNC

It cuts metal, it shoots cool sparks and stuff, and we have info on it.  It will cut steel, aluminum, and stainless up to 1/2" thick like it's butta.  It's fun to use but requires training.

Plasma CNC  classes are scheduled periodically -- check the MakeIt Labs calendar or our EventBrite calendar page for upcoming classes.  Once you've completed the training you'll be signed-off to use the tool.  Contact the Plasma CNC resource manager for details.

Plasma Torch and Power Supply manual:

Torch Consumables:

Shield: Part# 120828 (hand-cutting shield), approx. cost $18
       alt. Part# 120827 (machine-cutting shield), approx. cost $18
Electrode: Part #120826, approx. cost $10
Nozzle: Part# 120573, approx. cost $6

Consumable items can be obtained through the resource manager at cost, or at:
- ArcSource,  60 Crown St, Nashua, NH (right at the start of our dirt road on Crown St.)
- Maine Oxy, 185 Lowell Rd, Hudson, NH
- AirGas in Nashua, Manchester, or Salem NH
- Online through Harris Welding Supplies - - they stock all and have the best prices.

IF the torch looses arc around corners
THEN: Increase cornering acceleration and/or enable perforated metal mode.  (Toggle switch on the front of the plasma cutter box, switch it to the dotted line option)

(To be continued...)