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Roland MDX-15, 3D Mill

The Manuals only covers the start of using this resource. Training needs to be completed before access is granted.

Summary of methods

The MDX-15 from Roland allow ideas to take shape. Easy-to-use and compatible with many popular 2D/3D CAD software programs (autocad, solidworks, eagle). There are 3 ways to use this end mill:
 1) scanner object -> DXF file
 2) 3D object create STL (or DXF) -> object ( molds for lost wax, lost foam)
 3) 2D object create from any document though the print driver ( circuit boards ).


 Maximum operating area 6" x 4" x 2-3/8"
 Mechanical resolution 0.000984"
 Export/Import file formats DXF, VRML, STL, 3DMF, IGES, Grayscale,  Point Group and BMP
 Materials    wax, resins, chemical wood, acrylic and even light metals such as brass and aluminium

Getting connected

A USB to DB25 cable system is provided.

Since the RTS/CTS lines are used, when setting up a new serial port enable Hardware handshake for the port used.

The roland uses a USB to serial 9 Pin and this cable ( Belkin F2L044-06 ) for the roland MDX-xx series: 

 DB9 pin DB20 pin 9 25
 2 2 Rx Tx
 3 3 Tx Rx
 4 5 and 6 DTR DSR / CTS
 5 7 GND GND
 6 20 DSR DTR
 8 20 CTS DTR
 Shell Shell, 1  chassis

Install the Drivers

Install the correct drivers for the OS here
The print driver needs to be configured to the COM port. Note the COM port can change if the USB adaptor is plug into another port. VERIFY the COM port has hardware flow control each time. If the flow control is not enabled bad things will happen.

Print run
There are 2 ways to send to the roland:
 1)  Generate a file with CAM (Fusion360 and others), then use Dropout to send it, or
 2)  use roland's "modela player" all in one CAM / printrun 


Fusion360 has a post processor for RML1 (roland's version of Gcode).
Click the link for "search for posts in online lib" in fusion's CAM setup.
Use the latest Roland RML post. Change the MDX15 or 20 to Yes.
Make sure the units are milameters.  

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