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Vinyl Cutter

Vinyl/Media cutter uses a small knife to cut vinyl, stickers, paper, copper, cardboard, cardstock, stencil materials, window edging, cloth, iron-on materials, kapton tape, duct tape and tons of other materials.

It can be used to make vinyl signs, decals, cloth/paper patterns, stencils, adhesive decals, silk-screening and even circuits.

Quick Start


1. I left cutting blade in machine. (We only have one - no sense in putting it away)
2. The cutting mat is [normally] stored with a blue protective sheet over it (remove for cutting). I put it on. So it’ll look different in the box with the sheet on. 
3. All materials are in the grey bin under the computer.
4. On/off button for machine is on the right. (If display is it - it is on) 

More Detail

Machine: Silhouette Cameo 2
Software: Silhouette Studio (Free, download - try at home. Both Mac and PC)


Tools, materials, cutting mats, blades and the machine are kept in a big grey bin labled "Vinyl cutter" under the cleanspace PC closest to the front door, where the Silhouette software is installed.

The best source for materials are ANY craft store. These machines, and ones like them such as the popular "Cricut" - basically all use the same materials. (Some can even use similar cutting mats, but blades are generally not interchangeable between manufacturers). Any and every local craft, fabric and yarn store has a HUGE section now dedicated to these machines, including sale of a very wide range of different types of materials for all sorts of different project. Go take a look!!


For help go the the Slack channel #resource-vinyl-cutter