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Wood Shop

Our new Wood Shop opens up new opportunities to express your creativity. Having a clear understanding of the safe operation of our shop tools is a must for your safety. Each member wishing to use the wood shop must complete the MakeIt Labs Safety and Equipment Introduction Class. 

Wood Shop Equipment
Each member is encouraged to read:
  1. All Shop Rules
  2. Owners manuals for
    1. Table Saw 36-842
    2. Jointer 37-195
    3. Planer 22-580
  3. Each Wiki sub-page associated with the wood shop tools. 
Before your training class, please review the specified pages from the equipment manuals below:

3H.P. Left Tilt Unisaw® with Unifence®
Model 36-842
Page 2 and 4
pages 21 to 26
pages 34 to 42

Delta Professional 6" Jointer
Delta 37-195
Pages 2 - 4
pages 19 to 21

Delta 13" Two Speed Planer
Model 22-580
Pages 4 to 5
pages 8 to15

Nova WOODLATHE   **********************    Just Donated  Thank You  ***************
Model  DVR3000         ********************** Wood Shop access does not include the use of the lathe *************
                                  ********************** Lathe training class will be scheduled until then DO Not USE  *******

Shop Safety
Each piece of equipment has it own unique safety rules. Reading, understanding all safety documents is a mustEveryone should be taking personal responsibility for his or her own personal safety in the wood shop. With so many new woodworkers joining it is important to reinforce the things that may seem like common sense to an experienced woodworker. Even experienced woodworkers can always use a refresher on these key safety attitudes:
  1. FOCUS – A good safety attitude means that you focus on the task. How well are you concentrating on the job? If you have other things on your mind, you may be distracted.
  2. STRENGTH – No, this does not mean muscle strength. What it means is the strength to do the right thing, even when you are under time or other pressure to take shortcuts. A good safety attitude means you have the strength to follow the safety procedure.
  3. TIME – A good safety attitude means taking the time to do things correctly and using the right guard or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Is saving a few minutes worth a lifelong injury?
  4. RESPONSIBILITY – If you care about yourself and your family, YOU will have to take responsibility, follow the safety procedures, and not take short cuts.
  5. RISK – We all take risks. A good safety attitude means being smart and avoid taking unnecessary risks. A one in a thousand risk is not worth the possible cost. Do not play the odds, always follow the safety procedures.

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