Art Resources

Paint Pouring Gear available at the lab!

First, always note the location of the slop sink in the garage. That, and only that, is your clean-up station.  

Here are some suggestions for use:

There is a washing machine base tray in the art room that is perfect for pouring. 

I set it up on the two high stools for me to work with. 

You will see boxes on the floor - as shown - those contain the paint pouring supplies.


Pouring medium

Lil 3d shapes for pouring

Fancy cups with multiple slots

My old colander that makes very cool effects

Silicone (CELLS! YES!)

There is a spinning turntable (meh) and a drizzle cup (so far meh but I want to play)

And a good amount of premixed pouring paint (not as good a mixing your own but way quicker!)