Jointers are machines used to prepare stock for making joints and smoothing the edges of stock. They have high speed rotating knives that remove material as it is pushed past the rotating jointer knives. It is similar to a planer, but a jointer's job is to make one side straight - the planer's is to make one surface parallel to the other. In general, you would use a jointer to straighten the edge of a plank (such as in preparation to "joint" them), and a planer to surface the face of a plank. To avoid accidents, the following operational safety rules must be observed by everyone working on the jointer. Failure to follow the safety rules will result in a loss of shop privileges.

Jointer Safety Rules:

1. Keep cut depth to less than 1/16”.

2. Do not joint stock less than 12" in length.

3. Do not joint stock narrower than 3" without a push stick.

4. Do not surface stock wider than the blades are long.

5. Do not joint stock thinner than 5⁄8".

6. Never put your hands over the cutter area.

7. Always feed toward the out feed table.

8. Never operate the jointer without guards.

9. Use the left hand to hold down; use the right for pushing stock.

10. Never use your thumb as a push stick.

11. Walk with the board through the cut on long boards.

Start with a Risk Assessment to ensure a safe work area:

1. A perimeter around the jointer should be kept clear of people, debris and sawdust that impair traction or footing to avoid slips and falls.

2. Safety glasses with side shields or a face shield must be worn. Hearing protection should be worn.

3. Remove loose fitting clothing, jewelry, and tie back long hair.

4. Give the work your undivided attention.