Table Saw

Delta 3H.P. Unisaw® with unifence®

Failure to follow the safety rules will result in a loss of shop privileges.

Top 10 Table Safety Rules:

1. Follow the 3” rule from the blade; always keep fingers 3” from the blade.

2. Never free hand on the table saw.

3. Check alignment of the splitter, fence, and miter gauge.

4. Be aware of your position at the saw.

5. Always use your splitter and guard on through cuts.

6. Make adjustments when the machine is off.

7. Never clear small pieces while the blade is moving.

8. Do not over reach behind or over the blade unless the blade has stopped turning.

9. Never use the miter gauge and fence together while cross cutting without a stop block.

10. Keep the blade only 1/8” to 1/4” above the stock.0

Our table saw uses 10" standard kerf blades. A thin kerf blade cannot be used due to the guard/riving knife thickness.

Table Saw safety videos: