Use this main page for class ideas and education related planning.  Once a sufficient level of detail has been worked out, create a sub-page for that project.

I want to use (insert tool here), what class do I need to take?
Teaching a class at MakeIt (this is a work in progress):
  • Welding
  • Basics on Cars
  • Auto Body
  • Motorcycle repair/maintenance
  • Introduction to Electronics and Soldering
  • Intro to Programming
  • Intro to Electronics
  • Intro to Arduinos and C
  • Intro to Computer Networking
  • Intro to Woodshop
  • Intro to Manual Machining
  • Intro to CAD/CAM and CNC
  • Intro to Foundry
  • Ham radio
  • BSA Merit Badges
  • local VoTech
  • Intro to Computer and The Internet (local senior center)