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if the flamablity rating is high, these products should be store in the fire safe.
non- flamable should be stored safely in areas where spilling leakage will not damage people and things.
don't bring in your own chemicals  with out checking the MSDS and use instructions.
if the MSDS, or instuctions indicate VOC or ventalation requirements, the product must be used in the vented area.
Chemicals you might find in use are:

Liquids in Cans
20W50 Oil -

Synthetic Blend 5W20 -                                                      %20%20Syn%20blend.pdf
Synthetic Blend 5W30 -
Synthetic Blend 10W30 -

Full Synthetic 0W20 -                                                                                   /Service%20Pro%20Full%20Synthetic%20Motor%20Oil%200w20%20MSDS.pdf
Full Synthetic 5W20 -
Full Synthetic 5W30 -
Full Synthetic 5W40 -

ATF +3 -
Dextron VI -
EP2 Grease -
High Temp EP2 Grease -

80W90 Gear Oil -
85W140 Gear Oil -
75W90 Gear Oil -

50/50 Antifreeze -
Brake Pads -

Cleaning Supplies
PCB / Solder Supplies
Kiln Supplies
glass cleaner - ah... digging
wood - hard to find msds...

Argon Gas -
Acetylene Gas -