COVID-19 Projects

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Important: For all members who are coming to MakeIt Labs while we are producing gear for our COVID19 response, please read and understand our new mask and cleaning policy doc, found here.

TL:DR version: MakeIt Labs is supporting area hospitals with the following projects:

- Sterilization techniques

This project page covers the details and resources for people working on multiple PPE-related projects for use during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

People and Communication

MakeIt project leads and contacts:
  • Bill Schongar - Overall coordination
  • Nat Fairbanks - Materials Logistics (Makerspaces, FB groups, Manufacturers)
  • Dave Shevett - 3D Printing-related (Masks and 3D Faceshield frames)
  • Alexander Bissel - FaceShield and Cloth Mask related, Medical inquiries
  • Adam Shrey - National Group coordination
  • Brad Goodman, Mordecai Veldt - Corporate and Business inbound queries
  • and Uncountable Legions of folks assisting!
MakeIt Member Resources:
  • Almost all coordination is happening on the various #-covid-*** channels on the Makeit Slack. These include:
    • #-covid-face-shields - designs, materials, parts, and assembly of clear protective face shields 
    • #-covid-3D-printing - efforts around 3D-printing parts for masks, faceshields, and Covid-related medical equipment
    • #-covid-cloth-masks - about making cloth masks as primary PPE or as outer layer droplet-cover masks - best materials, shapes, reusability, etc
    • #-covid-ppe-sterilizationSterilizing protective equipment by various techniques, various materials, and test results of various methods.
    • #-covid-intubation-enclosure - Designs, evaluation, and fabrication of a re-usable enclosure to protect medical personnel during patient intubation/extubation process.
    • #-covid-19-discussion -  Well-sourced news articles, ask questions, discuss local conditions (shopping observations, etc)
    • #-covid-19-priority - high-priority messages and central coordination of Covid activities.
  • MakeIt Labs is focusing on creating and coordinating solutions in response to the Covid crisis.  We aren't putting a lot of energy into outwardly-visible updates or self-promotion, however we are definitely very active at local and national levels in connecting the people with needs to the people, companies, and agencies with resources, knowledge, and capacity to help..  
    • Please communicate with us via the MakeIt Labs FaceBook page and we'll get the info where it needs to go.
    • You can also send an email here - please be patient for responses, there's a lot going on.
    • Ping us on Facebook if you have a 3D Printer and can help (or fill out the 3D Printer form below)

Ongoing Projects - Look here for what you can do! (updated 04/01/20 8:30PM EST)
  • If you're interested in/able to assist by printing the 3D parts, please sign up via this form. It will help us keep track of the resources available and if something changes or different needs arise, we'll have an easy way to get in touch with you.  

  • 04/01/20 - 3D-Printed Masks. - Update - the LowellMakes folks have wrapped up their Mask project at this time. We'll still collect any that you've printed and make sure they get where they need to go.

  • 04/01/20 - PET Faceshields
    • PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is a clear, strong, and lightweight plastic commonly used to make 2-liter bottles.
    • We're currently focused on making these PET FaceShields, which have been tested and vetted.
      • They do require additional assembly and materials.

  • 04/01/20 - 3D-Printed "Budmen" Faceshields
    • A different model using 3D-printed structures for the shields.
    • We're not currently making these at this time but the design has been tested and approved and some are being built by other makers.
    • We mention these because it's a good place to link to the Instructions, Materials, and Directions files in case somebody needs them. 

  • 04/01/20 - PET Facesheild with added Closed-Top
    • Standard Delve design - adding PET and 3D-printed areas only as/where needed.
    • Eliminate need/materials/time for an entire 3D-printed frame
    • LINK

External contacts

3D Printer Signup form
  •   If you have a printer or printers available and would like to contribute, please click through to the Printer Signup/Registration form and register your printer:
      It will help us keep in touch with you and provide important updates

PPE Designs

Other resources