COVID-19 Projects

This page was updated 04/14/20 @ 10:00PM EST.

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MakeIt COVID-related Contacts & Communications

Important: For all members who are coming to MakeIt Labs while we are producing gear for our COVID19 response, please read and understand our new mask and cleaning policy doc, found here.

TL:DR version: MakeIt Labs is supporting area medical facilities with the following projects:


This project page covers the details and resources for people working on multiple PPE-related projects for use during the Covid-19 pandemic.

PET Distribution

    • MakeIt Labs is also a major part of the effort in distributing PET sheet to MakerSpaces and other Manufacturers throughout the country.

    • We have moved over 14,000 pounds of PET through our building since March 24th, from Vermont to Virginia, with several thousand pounds to New York focused efforts.

    • For lessons learned on our handling of these rolls see PET Roll Processing

    • If you have an appointment to pick up PET Sheeting from us, here are directions... PET Sheet Pickup

Ongoing Projects - Look here for what you can do! (updated 04/011/20 8:30PM EST)

  • Cloth Masks At Home

    • We have a slack channel dedicated to #-covid-homeuse-clothmasks .

  • 3D Printing

    • If you're able to assist by printing the 3D parts at home. please sign up via the 3D Printing Signup Form.

    • Check the project list below to see what we are currently asking people to print

    • When you have a batch of 3D printed items to donate

      • Please place them in clean plastic bags

      • Please mark the bag with the following information

        • Your name

        • The date

        • The material used for printing (PLA, ABS, PETG etc)

        • The number of each model in the bag

        • if you can, bring the parts to MakeIt Labs and place them in the bin outside the front door.

        • If the bin is not there ( you can see it from the cameras ) please ring the doorbell.

        • If noone is there to assist you, please leave them next to the door and post a note on slack.

        • If you cannot bring them to MakeIt Labs please send us a message on slack to arrange pickup.

      • If you have any concerns or questions please contact

    • 04/01/20 - 3D-Printed "Budmen" Faceshields

      • The Budmen is a popular 3D printed faceshield frame which has been NIH approved.

      • For more information on Faceshields, see our Faceshield Page

    • 04/08/20 - 3D Print Wilson (or Prusa) Faceshield Headstrap Adapter

      • These adapters clip onto the Wilson faceshield and allow the use of a single elastic to hold the shield in place

      • The STL file is available on the Faceshield Page and on ( search for MAKEITLABS )

      • Each one is 5 inches long so it will fit on a FlashForge Finder

      • Printing two takes about 23 minutes in fast mode ( 2/2/10% ) in PLA

    • 04/06/20 - 3D Print Surgical Mask Strap Extender

      • This model has been NIH approved and relieves the pressure on the ears of medical professionals

      • It will fit on a Flashforge Finder printer ( if you turn it at a 45 degree angle ).

      • They print in about 15 minutes.

      • The model is available on Thingiverse

      • We will collect as many of these as you can print.

      • Start with the settings suggested on Thingiverse and let us know how you need to adjust it to get a good print.

    • 04/03/20 - Wilson Laser Cut Faceshield Frame

      • Our own design of a Faceshield frame laser cut from flat plastic.

      • It is quick to manufacture and uses the same frame layout as the Budmen V4.

      • See more information on the Faceshield Page

    • 04/01/20 - 3D-Printed Masks. -

      • The LowellMakes folks have wrapped up their Mask project at this time.

    • 04/01/20 - PET Faceshields

      • PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is a clear, strong, and lightweight plastic commonly used to make 2-liter bottles.

      • We're currently focused on making these PET FaceShields, which have been tested and vetted.

    • 04/01/20 - PET Faceshield with added Closed-Top

      • Standard Delve design - adding PET and 3D-printed areas only as/where needed.

      • Eliminate need/materials/time for an entire 3D-printed frame

    • LINK