Tool Organization Information

This Page will serve to hold all the information related to the tool storage/organization of the auto area including all files to make future tool holders. This is a work in progress as of 12/27/2020

General vision for the auto area tools is as follows. 

Based on our past experience with the Auto Area, our tool sets do not survive when in a toolbox, since they do not tend to go back to their appropriate homes and get lost. In addition, when we have multiples of things like extensions, ratchets, etc members seem to put less effort into returning them to their homes. For that reason, the current approach is to put all common use items like sockets and wrenches out on a tool wall with very clear defined homes and no duplicates. One wall houses air tools and impact sockets. The other holds all normal sockets, extensions, etc. The bar across the back of the work bench holds wrenches, screwdrivers, and other hand tools. 

Wrench Holders

Socket holders

List of Current Tools