Clarke SB9006 Benchtop Sandblast Cabinet

The manual (pdf)

Inventory page

This is to be used with "Black Beauty" abrasive media

Available at Bond auto parts as part #2040 or just ask for black beauty.

Nozzles, gloves, etc are carried by Greg smith equipment

This was imported by Clarke power products, but they went bankrupt:

Clarke Power Products Files in Toledo

Clarke Power Products Inc., a wholesale distributor of power

equipment from Perrysburg, Ohio, filed a Chapter 11 petition on

Jan. 8 in Toledo, saying it owes $7.9 million to the secured

creditor Key Bank.

Court papers say assets of $13.8 million are comprised of

accounts receivable, inventory and cash. Clarke’s products

include air compressors and power tools.

The case is In re Clarke Power Products Inc., 09-30071, U.S.

Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Ohio (Toledo).

The original manual

It's now being imported by buffalo tools as the SBC90 as shown in the attached flyer (page 7, lower left)

Buffalo tools contact info:

1220 N. Price Road

St. Louis, Missouri 63132

(636) 532-9888  Phone

(636) 537-1055 Fax

Customer service hours are 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Central Standard Time.

An email request for price and availability for

part #SBC 9013 "Clear plastic lid" for your small sandblast cabinet #SBC90

was answered promptly:

$16.95 plus shipping and it takes 7-10 days. You can call customer service and any representative can help you.

Thank you,

Kellie Plank

Customer Service Supervisor

Buffalo Tools

Operating tips from Paul: (edit)

1) never point the nozzle at the window

2 ) 60 - 90 psi max, 6+ CFM flow

3) if junk isn't coming off make sure the nozzle isn't plugged

4) replace the media you use. The media breaks down and become less effective

5) clean the filter after (back of the cabinet). A clogged filter will restrict flow.