COVID-19 Entry Policy and Procedures


The purpose of this guide is to reduce COVID-19 exposure and transmission for all MakeIt Members, their guests, and their families.

Your Role: You are an integral and active part of the safety process and it only works when everyone participates. Please protect yourself, your families, and especially those around you and their families. It may seem like a lot of rules but this is very important not just for your own health but for other members who may be more at risk.

DO NOT COME To Make it Labs if you:

    • live with someone who is High Risk

    • may have been exposed to COVID-19

    • have any COVID-19 or Flu symptoms

    • have been tested positive for COVID-19, or are awaiting a COVID-19 test result

    • Are experiencing any respiratory symptoms including a fever, runny nose, sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath.

    • Are experiencing any new muscle aches or chills.

    • Experienced any new change in your sense of taste or smell.

    • If your temperature is above 100.0 degrees F

Before Entering MakeIt labs

    • Reservations are required for using the automotive lift

    • Reservations of the laser area are highly recommended.

Wear an approved mask at all times. If you have no mask, ask before arriving.


    1. Put your mask on (N95, KN95, surgical mask) BEFORE you enter

    2. Enter and proceed to the garage sink or ADA bathroom (disable the alarm if needed)

    3. Immediately wash your hands upon entry.

    4. Leave the bathroom door open so you do not touch the door or door handle.

    5. Maintain as much distance as possible from others.

    6. Wash down any work surfaces/tools etc that you plan to use (soap and water).

    7. Avoid touching your face.

    8. Prove you have read this document. (The codeword is G-covid-19)

Before you leave Make it labs

    • Clean your work area and return any tools.

    • Wash down any work surfaces/tools etc that you used (soap and water).

    • Wash your hands before exit.

    • Do not touch anything including door knobs on the way out.


    • Preferred N95 or KN95 (WITHOUT one way “flapper” exhaust valve). If you have a mask with an exhaust valve, please note that these masks DO NOT prevent the spread of COVID-19 from your breath. Please find another mask style or modify it to disable the valve or add filtration

    • Surgical masks are acceptable.

    • Masks must be worn as designed, covering your mouth and nose with a tight fit.

    • Because there is so much variation in different designs and materials other masks are not allowed.

    • Maintain that mask according to CDC guidelines

  • Additional masks are available in the vending machine for a nominal fee.

Rules and Agreements

In order to provide maximum protection to all members of MakeIt Labs you must agree to the following:

    • To read, understand, and ask questions if needed about the document and our procedures.

    • To know and agree that we will collect the time of your visit and possibly share that information with the proper contact tracing authority if required.

    • Follow the rules and guidelines here and challenge each other to maintain these standards.

  • Members are allowed to bring in 1 guest, 13 years old and up. They must sign the non-member waiver, adult and minor. They must stay in the same area as the member (no wandering), they must wear an approved mask and follow current covid protocols.

  • You must clean your area before using it, and after using it. Especially any surfaces and tools you may have touched. This is critical. Failure to clean may be penalized with suspension or loss of membership.

    • Notify the board if you have been in the building and contract COVID-19.

  • Participate in any contact tracing necessary if a member does contract COVID-19 and has been in contact with other members or inside MakeIt Labs.

What we are doing at MakeIt

    • The filters in the HVAC system have been upgraded in their abilities.

    • We have installed UVC light in the HVAC filtering to kill viruses, microbes, and maybe help with mold.

    • Cleaning solutions and paper towels are distributed in the different resource areas to make it easy to clean and sanitize for every visit.

    • We have created these procedures, screening systems, and reservation systems to provide the best conditions to keep all of us safe.

    • We have PPE in the vending machine for purchase.