Done, Prusa i3 Mk3

Wait for Bed to cool

Do not attempt to remove the print before the print bed temperature is 35 degrees or below. This can damage the printbed, and if so you will then be responsible for replacement cost.

If you're in a hurry, fan the printbed with a magazine (or an actual fan) to speed up cooling. Do not apply water to the be to try and cool it down.

Remove the part

The Prusa has a flexible, magnetic PEI steel bed. This means if the part cannot be pulled off easily with just your fingers once the bed has cooled, you can lift up the sheet, flex it slightly and your part(s) will pop off.

To remove the sheet place your thumbs on the "fingerprint" symbols at the front of the printbed (about an inch from each front corner) and use your index finger to slowly and gently lift the thin metal print surface. The magnets are strong, do not be surprised.

Clean the bed

If you printed with PLA, be sure to remove any skirt/brim and the wipe trail at the front of the bed.

If you printed with PETG or anything else that required PVA glue, clean off the PVA with warm water and a paper towel