Filament Handling, Prusa i3 Mk3

Loading or Changing Filament

    • Press the dial located above the "X" button to bring up the menu

    • Turn the dial to move to "Preheat" and press the dial again

    • Turn the dial to move to the appropriate material (eg "Preheat PLA")

    • Wait for temperature to reach target

    • While waiting, snip the end of the filament to be loaded to it has a clean, slightly angled tip (not 45, but not 0.... something closer to 15-20 is ideal)

    • When temperature reached, press dial and navigate to "Load Filament" (or "Unload Filament" if changing colors)

    • If loading, insert filament through filament tube in top, gently push as needed to ensure feeding, follow onscreen prompts

    • If unloading, follow on-screen prompts - be ready to quickly and smoothly pull the filament out when prompted

If you are using a non-PLA filament you must unload it after use to ensure it is ready in a default state for the next user.

If you are using PLA filament it is recommended you unload it but not required, especially if someone else is waiting to print and will be using the same filament.