Reflow Oven

Introduction - Controleo3 Reflow Oven

Danger Toaster - Not for toast! This oven is a heavily modified toaster, intended for performing reflow soldering on surface-mount printed circuit boards. It can also be used as a programmable heat chamber, and can easily be used to bake moisture out of parts, salt re-melt 3D prints, etc. 

Running a Bake Cycle

It is recommended to do a pre-heat bake to 50C/60C prior to starting the reflow cycle, as this greatly reduces the possibility that the oven will fail to ramp quickly enough. This is more effective with your boards inside of the heat chamber as well, but for smaller boards it is not necessary.

Running a Reflow Cycle

Tips and Tricks

More Information

For more information, and a much more detailed operation guide, see the Controleo 3 wobsite: 

For instructions on how to design your own profiles, see this guide on the Controleo website. There's even a notepad++ language descriptor! 

For any other questions, concerns, etc. please contact Alex Seiger on slack!

Build Pictures

The band-aid that was supplied with this Controleo3 kit was indeed used during construction...