Makeit Grill

Since we need a better solution for a impromptu BBQs, the logical solution is to make a grill.

Rob R, Brian M, and Steve A are designing just that.

The grill's beginnings are a 33 Gal Craftsman Compressor

The Motor was taken off, and Brian did an awesome job cutting off the brackets

Since we couldn't find the pipe wrench to take out the pipe nipple, Rob welded some barstock to it and it was removed the maker way.

The next step was to remove the craftsman red paint for metal prep, aircraft stripper was used to get the paint off quick. Which was of course done outside where fumes wouldn't build up

Once most of the paint has been removed its onto primary metal surfacing, this is what the tank looks like after aircraft stripper as done its magic

Since then, we have cut off the top of the grill, leaving the full sides attached.  After a bit of cleaning of the interior, our metal prep for the insides is almost complete.

At this point, we are looking to do a few things to get this project finished.

Brainstorming for a creative stand for the grill, Brian and Steve (with the creative spark by Rob M) came up with the idea to use an engine stand.  Since they can hold up to 1,300 pounds, the grill will be supported with ease.

There are a few steps remaining at this point, which include the following.

If anybody has any spare parts to donate towards this awesome creation, it would be greatly appreciated.  As an incentive, Steve will make you a steak or something else to thank you.