The Shopbot PRSalpha is a 12' x 5' CNC wood router, great for high-end sign making. Authorization requires completion of a class. Check Eventbrite for details. 

The Vcarve Pro Trial software can be downloaded from Vectric's Makerspace page: 

MakeIt Labs VCarve License Info

Machine Configuration/Setup

From "Machine" and "Machine Configuration" click on the Cloud icon. Select the Shopbot PRSalpha 144-60 and use the INCH Post-Processor.

Calculating Speeds and Feeds


Start LOWER, and work your way HIGHER. Rule of thumb - start low, increase until you hear some loading, then back-off about 10%.

(Pass depth should be about equal to tool Diameter)

If cut depth is 2X dia - Reduce chip load by 25%
If cut depth is 3X dia - Reduce chip load by 50%
*correction factor from freud tools 

Files and Resources

Some Recommended Materials/Consumables

Signmaking CNC Router Bit Set: Freud 87-108 8Piece CNC Router Bit Signmaking Set

Paint Mask: Oracal Oramask 813 

Pencil Tool

Pencil holder is in rack with collets. Use 1/2" Collet for pencil holder

Adjust Z-Height manually to touch/feel - VERY LIGHT PRESSURE against material.

Creating Text

Recommended to use a "Single Line" font-type.

The "L" number in the name is the number of lines in the font. 

Strong recomendation to use the SIMPLEST font possible, with streightest of lines. (Curves are VERY slow to draw!)

Prep for Drawing

Use "Quick Engrave" toolpath.

Select "BKG Pencil" tool in material database.

Don't do any more than like a 0.02 depth/pressure

Use "Outline" mode.