2) Making it Better Upgrades

Make some tools for it.

   Want to know how flat (or not) your material is? use a dial gauge mount and jog the head around. Shim or surface the platform as needed.

    Cut flat material like PCBs? Use a flat cutting collar and a Base Plate

    It only comes with one cutting surface / platform. This a bit of a limitation because each material has different needs.

Cutting / Drilling PCBs works best with "soft" material, backed with a stiff surface. Laser cut and mill all the base plates needed: MDX-15 Base Plate, MDX-20 Base Plate

    Clean up the wiring. Mounting the power supply on the back, or hide them inside the side covers make for less handling / cleaning issues. The side panel on the on the left is hollow and comes off with two screws. One small notch was all it needed.

Make a blower / collection bin. Removing the cutting makes for better and trouble free milling. The design are here: MDX-15 and MDX-20 . This removes cuttings from the work surface, and collects them in the back by both blowing from the front and pulling air from the back. 

The dust case has a drop  so cuttings go down and air goes up. The blower needs a minimal filter. 

In this picture there is a switch on the top of the box for blower control.

It blows... It sucks... yeah...yeah...