First Aid Kits

Safety 1st!


There are three, wall-mounted locations for large First Aid kits:

    - Our main “safety station” is in the hallway between the cleanspace/ADA Bathroom/Kitchen.

    - One in the garage by the people-entrance

    - One in the brick building main hallway (near FIRST).

There are several locations for our small First Aid kits:

    - Each bathroom has one

    - By the front door

    - Machine shop


    Small first aid kits:

    - sterile gloves (non-latex, size large)

    - A ziplock bag of oral meds, typically including: Aspirin, Non-aspirin (generic Tylenol), Advil (or generic Ibuprofen)

    - A ziplock bag of antiseptic swabs (also topical gels for bug bites and burns)

    - A ziplock bag of bandages (sizes for most small cuts)

    - Under the ziplock bags, we have larger bandages, wraps, and an ice-pack.

    Large first aid kits:

    - Much the same as the smaller kits, they have oral meds, antibiotic wipes, bandages, and an ice-pack.

    - These kits also include larger bandages, larger rolls/wraps, and two sets of sterile gloves.

    - The larger first aid kits also include scissors for cutting clothing away for splinting/wrapping injuries.


When you use a First Aid kit, or if you notice anything missing from a kit, please inform the safety RM (sticky note, slack, smoke signals).

Caution: If a kit is contaminated with drops of blood, please take the kit out of service (wrap it in a plastic bag, such as a trash bag).

Ask an RM to put the kit aside.  The safety RM will review the kit before it is allowed back into use.

The kits are checked weekly (usually Thursday).