Disclaimer: This is what happens when Paul takes meeting notes. Enjoy!


1 - Status updates:

  • Recurring items:

  • Tool Update - Status, Funding and Immediate concerns - there is more to be cataloged, chop saw from rob m. maybe. will eventually happen somehow...

  • Financials - Revenue and Projections-solvent... needs xls to update

  • New members - share intel

    • Cam shows normal Lazor usage -needs lazor record clipboard log - Big C.

    • access log borked - ie only, not a issue...security a issue, adam will fix.

  • Previous Action Items:

    • Adam

      • Any flyer final edits - needs fixes

      • receipts - online

    • Rob

      • Inventory status

  • Caro / Building items

    • roof - small leak for now, inspection required.

    • pillars - done-ish, monitor

  • Rob Masek - Move in status - over then next 2 weeks

    • electrical service for tig, etc.

    • estimate schedule for moving what when

  • SCORE (Adam started contact) - meeting big c, joe, adam

  • CMKT Big C. will asses and bring in... mic/amp, class, survey, yeah!

idea for work trade: ebay/mit swap fest/ etc sell off... bitch.