Resin Printers

High accuracy, variable speed, high smellz.


MakeIt Labs currently has two Resin printers available for high detail prints beyond the level of detail possible with FDM

Training is available via scheduled classes from the Resource Managers. If you have already used a Resin printer before you can request a printer-specific mini-training in order to use the printers.

The slides used as a reference during the training can be downloaded here (with a MakeIt Labs login):

Exposure tests for Resin (aka "Resin Benchy"

When using a new resin there will be changes to slicer settings. To get the best results an "Exposure test" is used to optimize those with minimal wasted resin.

The following three files are available for exposure testing:

BYO Equipment

All Resin printers  require you to bring your own Resin. For ease of purchasing reference, here are some _example_ products.. this is not an endorsement of a specific product, but rather an example to help if your search-foo is failing you:

Example Resins:

Example Resin cleanup tools:

Grow tents and Air Filters: