A. Tools / Equipment

Speciality tools:

Scale - Weighting 2 part materials for accurate measurement of materials results in the best curing

Vac degasser - Removes air bubbles in  for high viscosity materials. This is key to smooth surfaces, strong parts, and clear materials

Roto-Caster - a special tool for shell molding

Hand tools

Sculpting tools, Stainless

Hot Melt gun - fast fixup / sealing casting forms.

Items that wear out:

Sculpey -  Useful for mold forms and plugging gaps

Calking -  Sealing mold forms

Thick Cardboard - for making mold forms. foam board is also an option

Legos - for making odd shaped mold forms

Brown papers - Cover surfaces for easy clean up

Paper towels - Most processes are messy, and are time critcal... fast clean up.

Mixing wares - Stainless or disposable mixing containers speed up the mixing process for limited pot life materials

Measuring cups - for volume based materials  accurate measurement of materials is key to best curing

Timer - To keep track of time critical pot life