Socket Holders

The intent of the custom socket holders was to eliminate the problems of having a generic holder with more slots than we have sockets. Generally when there are extra slots it makes the holder appear to already be missing sockets which makes people less diligent about returning sockets. By making custom holders we ensure that every slot has a tool to fill it. 

In general the holders as designed are too complicated, however they are started and should be finished. It wouldn't be a bad idea for someone to design a simpler version for future replacements if one gets broken. 

Current design:

For shallow sockets there is a single 3/4" piece of plastic with 1/2" pockets cut. On the bottom is a piece of acrylic intended to contain magnets, but this hasn't been implemented completely. On the top there is a piece of acrylic with the socket ID engraved into it. 

For Deep sockets the same applies but there are two pieces of plastic with the top one containing through pockets. 

Attached to this page is a fusion file with a single shallow and deep socket variant that can be modified to make future holders.