5. Printer Setup

Q: what do i need to do to get the printer ready

A: follow these steps. 

1) Turn it on with power strip on the right for the Rep2.

2) Wait for it to warm up to 65F as seen on the display (green arrow).

3) Load the filament with this procedure B. Filament handling

4) check the build platform is level ( optional / as needed ) with this procedure A. Build Plate Leveling

5) Use a valid RFID card/tag on the "RFID" on the front of the Rep2.  The display color and time will indicate access (green arrow).

6) Transfer the X3G slice file to a SD card and load it into the slot in the machine (red arrow).

7) Press the "print from SD" option on the menu ( "M" arrow buttons below SD slot).  Print status will indicate on the main display.