Overview,  Prusa i3 Mk3


The Prusa i3 MK3 is very easy to use and very reliable if treated properly. Filament changes are simple, and the PEI coated bed is secured magnetically to the printer, allowing it to easily be lifted off and flexed to remove difficult parts - no scraping required ( no sharp tools allowed! ).

Requirements to use the printer:

1) A member of Makeit Labs in good standing

2) trained for the FDM printing, A hands-on intro to the machine that can also be arranged.

3) Read the Manual and this wiki.

4) Demonstration of skill to the RM or instructor.

5) use only supplies provided or recommended. 

6) report any issues by email, note, or in person.

Steps you must follow to use this printer

The steps you must follow when using this printer: