MakeIt Labs Corp.

7/20/2011 Board Meeting

Public Meeting Notes


  • Get key to Tim (sheet metal guy next door)

  • Email Caro about pillars


  • Board meetings are now Wednesday 8-9:30

  • Conflict of interest means a board member must abstain from a vote.

  • Policy decisions are made on a majority vote

  • Get lift safety chain

  • Preliminary agreement on laser, subject to signing of legalize.


Membership Sign-on Process

  • Members are allowed to join at will

  • Unanimous board approval required to expel a member after first month of membership.

  • No waivers required for tours.

Non-member out policy

  • 24hr Temporary Kick based on majority vote of available board

  • Perma-Ban based on majority of all board

  • Inform board on any incident

Member out policy

  • 24hr Temporary Kick based on majority vote of available board

  • Unanimous board vote required to expel member after first month of membership

  • Inform board on any incident


It was agreed that any fees associated with training hobbyist members shall be split 50/50 between trainer and MakeIt Labs.


Class agreement approved, legalize form.


For Students

Classes can be taken by members, membership is not required (although members receive discounts). For legal reasons, some form of membership is required for non-member class participants (transparent to them)

For Instructors:

Instructors receive

  • A prepared workspace to teach their class,

  • Billing handled for them by MakeIt Labs

  • Basic advertisement from MakeIt Labs via website, facebook, emails lists, etc.

  • 60% of gross revenue from the class. .

Instructors are responsible for:

  • Providing course materials not already provided by MakeIt Labs. If a class requires material costs (metal, plastics, etc), those should be added on top of the class fee. (So it doesn't come out of gross revenue from class fees).

  • Any additional advertising

MakeIt Labs Corp receives 40% gross revenue from the class.

All classes are subject to majority board approval before they will be publicly offered.


  • Any tool loans below $250 per item are a standard form that can be approved by any board. Tool loans at this level are not eligible for financial credits.

  • Any tool loans over $250 per item (or lot) require a special agreement, and require majority board approval.

  • Note: Within three weeks we should all come to a consensus as to general special agreement for equipment leases and membership discount.

Space Rentals

Any member requesting space rental requires majority approval from the board (used to be unanimous) for both the ability to rent and the location of the rental. If a Board member is requesting rental, or has a conflict of interest related to the rental, they must abstain from vote. Rental approval is for space only. Any additional amenities such as excessive electricity, water, venting, etc. require an agreement beyond the standard plot rental and may be subject to additional expense.

These rentals run on a month-to-month at-will basis for $100/mo

It was discussed that space rentals should be in the spirit of a hackerspace and not “private offices” but no vote was made on this matter since it was decided that each space needs board approval anyway and these concerns could be addressed on a case by case basis

Rolling Benches require approval of a single board member, must fit a 6x3’ footprint, and will have a designated parking area, location TBD.

Space rental approvals pending formalization:

Paul - 1 plot at or near current location

Adam - 1 plot, current location of TR6

Joe - 1 plot, next to laser (laser not included in plot), somewhere between bathroom and emergency exit.


  • Worktrade approved for David

  • Worktrade approved for Riley

We are agreeing to coast on assignment of worktrade tasks for a week, worktrade should show initiative (will help them get worktrade).