Design Tools

CAD - Design 2D or 3D objects, computer aided design software:

 Fusion360, sketchup 123D design, open SCAD, Autocad, Solidworks, Invent, Eagle , 123Dcircuits , etc.

  Check here for "free" design software. 

Related to CAD are Drawing programs that work on meshs:

  Rhino, Maya, Meshmix, Blender, Meshlab, SlicerforFusion360

CAM - This a general classification of software used translate designs into information the mill or printer can understand. Different machines need different CAM:

Replicator 2: Makeware, Replicator G, skienforge, Printrun, Cura slic3r,

BFB: Simplify

Roland MDX: Custom Roland software installed on computers at Makeit Labs imports DXF, STL, BMP, Fusion360 CAM

Sherline: meshcam Fusion360 CAM

Plasma CNC: Custom software installed on computers at Makeit Lab, imports DXF files

Viewers, DRC(design rule check), and assisting tools. This is a great sanity checker for viewing PCB gerber files before routing or ordering