Plasma CNC

HyperTherm Powermax 600 & Langmuir Systems Crossfire Pro 

It cuts metal, it shoots cool sparks and stuff, and we have info on it.  It will cut steel, aluminum, and stainless up to 1/2" thick like it's butta.  It's fun to use but requires training.

Plasma CNC  classes are scheduled periodically -- check the MakeIt Labs calendar or our EventBrite calendar page for upcoming classes.  Once you've completed the training you'll be signed-off to use the tool.  Contact the Plasma CNC resource manager for details.

Files may be designed and prepared via Fusion 360 or SheetCAM (both available for personal download). See files below for PostProcessors and Tool Libraries for both. Langmuir provides some great videos, documentation and overviews for working with all of these.

Setup and Operation is done at the machine via Langmuir CrossFire software

Hypertherm Powermax 600 Plasma Torch and Power Supply manual:

Torch Consumables:

Shield: Part# 120828 (hand-cutting shield), approx. cost $18

       alt. Part# 120827 (machine-cutting shield), approx. cost $18

When using the CNC, use the machine-cutting shield. The shields are only "kind of" interchangeable. The hand-cutting shield has castellations intended to keep the nozzle to material spacing correct when you lightly drag the shield across the material. The machine-cutting shield should float approx 1/16" above the material to be cut. Dragging the shield on the material is a bad idea under automatic control.

Electrode: Part #120826, approx. cost $10

Nozzle: Part# 120573, approx. cost $6

Consumable items can be obtained through the resource manager at cost, or at:

- ArcSource,  60 Crown St, Nashua, NH (right at the start of our dirt road on Crown St.)

- Maine Oxy, 185 Lowell Rd, Hudson, NH

- AirGas in Nashua, Manchester, or Salem NH

- Online through Harris Welding Supplies - - they stock all and have the best prices.

- I have also had good luck with the Trafimet replacements available through eBay and Amazon, just search for the Hypertherm part numbers and you'll see them.

Amazon link to a decent, cheap kit of all 3 consumables


The two most common reasons for no plasma are:

1. The hold-down strap has come loose on the hand torch. The strap is intended to keep the safety and trigger properly closed.

2. The last person to use the plasma for hand-cutting re-inserted the control plug upside down (yes, this is possible, it seats deep enough to look good, but not as deep as when it is properly oriented.)

IF the torch looses arc around corners

THEN: Increase cornering acceleration and/or enable perforated metal mode.  (Toggle switch on the front of the plasma cutter box, switch it to the dotted line option)

(To be continued...)

Langmuir/HyperTherm Files