Shapeoko Mill

The Shapeoko needs the following work done on it to be in use at MakeIt Labs. Noah Schreiber will be hosting a meeting at the labs on thursdays during open house for fixing it for there's a lot of work to be done. The work that needs to be done has been listed below.

1. The shapeoko needs a cad drawing of itself for all of the next steps.

2. We need cable chains on the xy axis.

3. Figure out a way to wire the shapeoko into a single outlet.

4. Emergency stop button is a must.

5. On off switch.

6. New and improved dust collection system.

7. A way of attaching the electronics to the shapeoko with a redesigned psu/motherboard case.

8. And potentially more as we go along.There will be more updates about this as time goes on. If anyone is willing to help me out on Thursday nights to get this done that would be appreciated. Thanks!

In late 2018 or 2019 I Noah Schreiber had drawn numerous cad files for the shapeoko. They were designed to be 3D printed and mounted on the shapeoko. These parts included cable chains for the shapeoko, a cable chain mount for the x axis that extended to the y axis, and a few others. All these files need to be 3D printed in various quantities. All these files are listed below and were designed in fusion at the time.

Phase 1 Assembly

Phase 2 Trouble shooting

Phase 3 Make stuff with it

(EDIT: 7/25/2019; Noah Schreiber)


The shapeoko is a cnc machine that is capable of milling soft materials like almost all plastics, and wood. This cnc do to recent upgrades can't mill anything bigger than probably 12" by 12" by 2.5". It might be capable of milling materials like aluminum but that is not it's purpose at the labs. We have a tormach cnc for a reason. The shapeoko is under current maintenance and management by Noah Schreiber. He is the shapeoko RM. The shapeoko has a set of rules for using it. Please read below for more details.


  1. Safety first! This means following all the rules for the wood shop and it also means using this only in the wood shop. This also means that this machine can seriously injure and do life threatening injuries to either you or others around you. Be safe!

  2. Do not use this machine unless authorized by Shapeoko RM and have been given a class to do so.

  3. Anything goes wrong with this machine, please report to the shapeoko rm. This person will not be upset with you for any mishaps. They will be mad at you though if anything you do is intentional for the purpose of destroying this machine. That is known as vandalism. You can use this rule against the RM if they are mad at you for accidental mishaps. Accidents happen.

  4. Clean up! This means using a dust collection system with the shapeoko as well as cleaning up any wood dust on the ground or anywhere in the wood shop where it's supposed to be used.

How to get authorized

Noah Schreiber the shapeoko RM will teach classes regularly on how to use it. If not you can ask him for a class whenever he has time. His email is . He will be happy to answer any questions for you either by via slack or by email. Enjoy!