Electric Motorcycle

I am modifying a Ninja motorcycle for electric operation using a Mars brushless Etek motor and Curtis controller for the drive.

Main project blog is http://volcano.newts.org/category/tech/emp/

(older somewhat broken blog posts are at http://newts.org/volcano/index.php?/categories/7-Electric-Motorcycle until I can migrate to them to the wordpress blog).

Some photos are at http://gallery.newts.org/main.php?g2_itemId=399

Recent Status:

I moved it to the Labs in the Fall and welded some cross pieces on it to stiffen the frame some.  This bike used the motor as a structural part in the frame and my conversion will do the same but with a much smaller motor I wanted to stiffen the backbone some more.  I created some cardboard battery models recently and the next step is to mock up the other frame parts and battery holder using wood, duct tape and cardboard.  Once I have that worked out I can fabricate it with steel (did someone say plasma cutter?).

I also want to install the motor and chain and at least temporarily wire up the motor, batteries and controller.  I can also start to work out where the controller and DC-DC module (28 volts to 12 to use the existing lighting system) will mount.