B. Filament Handling


1) place the spool on the spool holder in the back

2) cut the end of the filament so it will feed, flat or pointed end, no blob.

3) remove the top cover to gain access to end of the guide tube and head

4) feed the filament up the guide tube.

5) start the load process on the menu, wait for the head to warm

6) depress the tension release lever on the right side of the head.

7) insert the filament in to the hole in the top of the head

8) feel and see the filament melting and extruding out of the nozzle.

9) release the tension lever

10) replace the top cover

11) allow filament to feed long enough to clear any other prior color

12) make sure there are no filament binding or tension issues with the spool.

13) use the menu to stop the filament load proccess


when unloaded the process is similar.  The best method to remove the filament is to:

1) start the load process on the menu, wait for the head to warm

2) release the tension lever

3) push the filament

4) quickly pull out the filament

This will remove the filament with out leaving reminants in the nozzle chamber or feed area.


1) loop the filament in one of the holes on the spool to retain the tension.

2) put it in the plastic bin to keep it dust free