Warm Glass Workshop

Next Workshop is 04/07/13 




Summary: Learn to make - Glass plates, Glass cast objects, or Glass beads using heat and gravity. Materials, tools, and kiln use will be covered  in a open structured learning plan that helps you bring out the creative with in guidelines

you would learn how to: score and cut glass, shape and cold work glass for assemblely, form a glass mold, load a casting,

operate a kiln, trim, edge and grind finish pieces.

Project ideas will be provided. Most projects and ideas welcome.

 Special project material needs should be communicated at least a week before the workshop.


Class materials: see the attached presentation below, read the manuals in the wiki resources, kiln.

Schedule: This will be scheduled on eventbrite, see the upcoming events ont he main page

About the instructor: Paul Hardin has been working with glass, recycled glass and LED lighting effects with a concentration on fusing and casting large flat works. His day job is as a electronics engineer with background in hardware and firmware design.