GUI Basics

3D Viewport

Important Key Sequences

g = Move (Translate)
r = Rotate
s = Size

x - Constrain to X axis
y - Constrain to Y axis
z - Constrainto Z axis

X - Constrain to X-Pane (i.e. y and z axes)
Y - Constrain to Y-Pane (i.e. x and z axes)
Z - Constrain to Z-Pane (i.e. x and y axes)

Double key (i.e "xx", "yy", "zz" to use local vs global coordinates)

return - Keep
escape - Cancel

 FORGOT THESE? Look at very bottom of screen after the first key - will give you a guide for the rest!

Right Click 

Smoothing Options for Active Object

"Properties" are specifc to the active element.



Mesh Object Editing