RFID Card System

RFID card system that:

  • Integrates seamlessly into billing system

    • Allows members to access restricted tooling for which they receive training via their RFID card

    • Front-door Kiosk to show who's signed in.

      • This is going to start mattering once the space is large enough people can get lost in it. Also good to track membership utilization rates, check who's there by checking on the internets, etc


    • Wiegand-based RFID readers

    • Arduino interpreters and PC<->Microcontroller interface

    • RFID management computer

    • Google App Engine Frontend


    • Open Source and well-documented

    • Operates without internet connection (local database backup both on computer and chip)

    • Readers can be purchased cheaply and planted wherever with minimal cost

    • Components can be implemented in a piece-meal fashion (readers, management computer, locks, database are all seperate), all with doccumented open APIs to allow any part to be swapped (non stove-pipe)

    • Cheap to implement, requires minimal knowledge to install

Atmel 32u4 Breakout+


Wiegand spec:


RFID Reader:


Example code: