4. CAM Slicing with MakerBot Print

Q: How does the printer read the STL file i have

A: It doesn't. It needs to be converted with a "slicer" to a X3G format. Follow these steps

1) a. download and install MakerBot Print software, or

    b. use a computer in the clean space with MakerBot Print on it.

2) drag and drop or open the STL.  Then place the part on the platform (click and drag).

Note: placing the part anywhere but the center is helpful for built plate wear leveling.

3) Orientation the part so that it will not require supports or provide the best strength or achieve the best detail.


Note about part orientation : x-y path has the best detail, z path will suffer in terms of details

4) follow the guide in 2. CAM for FDD, and 3. FDM Print Materials for what settings to use (defaults are usually ok).

5) use a raft and / or supports if step 3 is not possible. overhang / supports video

6 ) Adjust the size if needed.

7) Preview the result and make sure it is the "thing"

8) Repeat steps 3 -7 as needed to ensure the print will work.

9) Save the X3G file to a SD card (provided) with the big red export button in the lower right. Export video

10) Eject the SD card ready for use with the printer.