Mold It, Cast It, Make It

Why Molding / Casting?

The best reasons for using this process: 1) Material change, 2) medium volume copy, 3) faster volume production, 4) method cost reduction.


Material type effects the physical properties, selection of molding and casting materials will be based on the application:

Material types: Water set (Alginate, Concrete, Plaster, Clay, Gelatin ), Thermoset Resin (epoxy, polyureathane, polyester) , Soft rubber (silicones), Thermoplastic (soap, wax, low viscosity plastics)

Coping and volume production are material dependant, but often require only minutes per part at 10 times less cost.

The molding method partly depends on the form of the object and party on the material to be cast. 

Methods: One part mold, Multi-part Mold, Gravity casting, Slip casting, Investment casting, Vac form, RotoCast

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