Tesla Coil - The Sparkler mit dem spitzensparken

This will be a plasma speaker project, so sound and glory.

There are 3 parts to this design. 1) The coil assembly, 2) the solid state power module, 3) the modulator.

Status 10/03/14 - coil assembly designed. (untitled.wtl) Construction of the mechanical bits are underway using the laser, a wood lathe for turning, and a handfull of parts schounged.  Parts for the other assemblies are on order. 

Status 11/09/14 - test of this circuit with 120uh impedance matching coil and caps sized to match.

Status 11/28/14 - last minute push to get ready for show time i added the xenosonic in place of the 555 that was used for modulation. See the video for "test" results.

Status 11/29/14 - Ran for several hours at the holiday stroll using a current xfmr feedback for ZVS at ~150 watts producing ~3 inch modulated arcs.